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Mother and Daughter

The enrollment for the LifeZig program is closed. However, we are developing new programs for caregivers at PZ Healthcare Apps.

If you are interested in participating in our new studies, we will ask you (the caregiver) to describe your experience with our programs. For example, in the LifeZig study, we asked participants to provide feedback with our new LifeZig treatment during the course of their participation on the LifeZig program on two occasions. In the first meeting we asked them to bring pictures of their loved one and ask them some questions. There was one additional interview to evaluate the benefit of the LifeZig system (after 6 months ). The program run for 6 months, and a monetary compensation of fifty dollars ($50) was provided for each completed step for a total of one hundred dollars ($100). Participants had the option to receive a DVD with personalized video created by this project, instead of the last payment of $50.

For more information about our new programs for caregivers and dementia, please contact us at:

PZ Healthcare Apps

Email: Lifezig email

Telephone: (650) 694-7496 ext. 3


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